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Fiemme Rollerski Cup today and tomorrow in Val di Fiemme (Italy)
Matteo Tanel wins the seniors’ race ahead of Jan Koristek and Evgenj Dementiev
In the ladies’ race Lisa Bolzan wins ahead Prochazkova and Schuetzova
Angelo Buttironi extraordinary in the Junior – Sweden’s Hansson unstoppable

Italy got many successes today at the Fiemme Rollerski Cup organised in Val di Fiemme (ITA) in the Mass Start race of the Rollerski World Cup. Matteo Tanel (senior men) from Bolzano won ahead of the Slovakian Jan Koristek and the Russian Evgenj Dementiev, Lisa Bolzan (senior women) from Treviso won ahead of the other Slovak Alena Prochazkova and of the Czech Sandra Schuetzova. In the juniors’s race, Angelo Buttironi from Bergamo started very fast and arrived alone ahead of the Swedish Johan Ekberg and the Latvian Raimo Vigants on the finish line in Ziano di Fiemme. The only "foreign" satisfaction arrived for the unstoppable Swedish junior Moa Hansson, first place ahead of the good Italian Alba Mortagna and Chiara Becchis.
The young junior ladies were the first to start. Sweden’s Hansson took quickly the lead; Mortagna and Becchis were chasing, more delayed the other Mortagna, Laura. A beautiful sunny day has characterized the challenges today in Ziano di Fiemme: 10 km Mass Start for juniors and ladies and 15 km Mass Start for elite men. The track was a ring and the athletes had to cover more laps according to the category. One lap from the end of the junior race, the Swede was still leading, while in second position there was another Italian, Elisa Sordello; the trio Alba Mortagna, Chiara Becchis and Laura Mortagna was slightly delayed. Sordello, however, was not able to keep up the pace and finished fourth. Alba Mortagna came ahead of the rising star Becchis - the smallest of the family after Francesco and Emanuele - about twenty seconds ahead of Moa Hansson.
Among the most experienced 'colleagues', the Russian Hvostunkova started immediately fast together with the Ukrainian Nesterenko. It was a well-balanced race and Lisa Bolzan played the role of the sly cat. At the end of the third lap Nesterenko lost positions on the other Russian Letucheva; Bolzan was apparently in trouble in sixth position, but still with the leading group. The last lap was incredible for the Italian athlete, who won ahead of the Slovakian Prochazkova - she too started slowly in the back of the group saving energy for the grand final, as well as the Czech Schuetzova, who came third. The athletes who started fast arrived behind, with Letucheva tenth and Nesterenko even twelfth.
1 to 1, therefore, between Italy and the rest of the world before the men's challenges. Sweden’s Johan Ekberg was the only one in the junior race to try to get the Italian Angelo Buttironi in trouble; the Italian from Bergamo seemed Flash today in Val di Fiemme. He had an extraordinary pace and was able to keep the lead from start to finish, being able to have even an eighteen-second advantage ahead of the pursuers. The Swede came second while in third place came the Latvian Raimo Vigants, just before the Russian Alexander Grigoriev.
In the senior race Emanuele Becchis took his cue from the success of Trento - in the stage of the Mini Rollerski Tour Trentino - and started immediately strong. Matteo Tanel was immediately behind him and Francesco Becchis followed in quite good shape. The senior’s race was the most fought and spectacular challenge. Three Italians were in the first three positions in the first laps together with Michael Galassi. The Swede Gustafsson was in good shape, but the reborn Dementiev is always a tough nut for everyone; it has been a fight from start to finish. Tanel from Bolzano won with a liberating scream ahead of the Slovak Koristek and of the Olympic gold medallist Dementiev.
Tomorrow there will be another race - starting at 9 a.m. - for the World Cup titles with the final climb on Alpe Cermis. Tomorrow there will be also the conclusion of the Guide World Classic Tour challenge with several protagonists at the start, including Gjerdalen and Kowalczyk, and many amateurs who will crowd the event organised by the Fiemme Ski World Cup committee.
For further information: www.fiemmerollerskicup.it

Download TV images:

Senior Men 15 km Mass Start
1 Tanel Matteo ITA 0:24:00.71; 2 Koristek Jan SVK 0:24:00.87; 3 Dementiev Eugeniy RUS 0:24:00.96; 4 Nordstroem Gustav SWE 0:24:01.25; 5 Becchis Emanuele ITA 0:24:03.46; 6 Gustafsson Victor SWE 0:24:04.16; 7 Becchis Francesco ITA 0:24:04.87; 8 Buskqvist Alfred SWE 0:24:05.24; 9 Tsepkov Evgeniy RUS 0:24:08.20; 10 Andresen Ragnar Bragvin NOR 0:24:08.53

Senior Ladies 10 km Mass Start
1 Bolzan Lisa ITA 0:17:58.54; 2 Prochazkova Alena SVK 0:17:58.63; 3 Schuetzova Sandra CZE 0:17:59.34; 4 Angelsioeoe Julia SWE 0:18:11.75; 5 Hvostunkova Svetlana RUS 0:18:14.48; 6 Prokhorova Varvara RUS 0:18:14.67; 7 Lockner Jackline SWE 0:18:15.79; 8 Nedyukhina Maryia BLR 0:18:19.56; 9 Auzina Kitija LAT 0:18:20.03; 10 Letucheva Olga RUS 0:18:23.32

Junior Men 10 km Mass Start
1 Buttironi Angelo ITA 0:16:23.76; 2 Ekberg Johan SWE 0:16:28.92; 3 Vigants Raimo LAT 0:16:29.13; 4 Grigoriev Alexander RUS 0:16:31.32; 5 Masiero Riccardo Lorenzo ITA 0:16:32.02; 6 Celon Augusto ITA 0:16:46.17; 7 Dolhascu Florin Robert ROU 0:17:15.19; 8 Saulitis Niks LAT 0:17:17.40; 9 Kostruba Yan UKR 0:17:22.59; 10 Forika Szabolcs ROU 0:17:34.42

Junior Ladies 10 km Mass Start
1 Hansson Moa SWE 0:18:12.52; 2 Mortagna Alba ITA 0:18:32.52; 3 Becchis Chiara ITA 0:18:34.66; 4 Sordello Elisa ITA 0:18:36.83; 5 Mortagna Laura ITA 0:18:40.55; 6 Arnesen Julie Henriette NOR 0:19:42.46; 7 Zimare Rosa GER 0:20:27.70; 8 Mueller-Kuckelberg Katja GER 0:20:35.82; 9 Lollobattista Claudia ITA 0:20:58.92; 10 Andreca Maria Dumitrela ROU 0:21:23.05


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