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News data:16.09.2018

Tord Asle Gjerdalen wins the 50 km long distance élite race – in the ladies’ race Slind was good
Last stage of Rollerski World Cup to Dementiev and Prochazkova (senior)
and to Ekberg and Hansson (junior)
Popular race to Varesco – Beri (long distance) and Kramer-Kobieluse (short distance)

Tord Asle Gjerdalen is already ready for Marcialonga and today won the… “Tour de Ski” in its rollerski summer version. Clark Kent usually takes off his glasses and puts on his Superman cape; but the Norwegian puts on his glasses before starting to “fly”: “I have always my Ray-Ban”. He won today with a great comeback in the last kilometres of the Fiemme Rolleski Cup, closing the gap of 1 minute and 30 seconds.
Today – from Ziano di Fiemme to Alpe Cermis (Italy) – took place the second edition of Fiemme Rollerski Cup, last stage of Skiroll World Cup, of the Guide World Classic Tour challenge and Mini Rollerski Tour Trentino; this year the race was also open to all amateurs. Gjerdalen won the prestigious elite race ahead of the French Bastien Poirrier and the other Norwegian Joar Thele. In the ladies’ race, the winner was Astrid Oyre Slind, very good to come ahead the Polish Justyna Kowalczyk and Kari Gjeitnes.
In the World Cup race, Evgenj Dementiev (RUS) won ahead Robin Norum and Victor Gustafsson. In the ladies’ race the winner was Alena Prochazkova (SVK) ahead of Julia Angelsioe and Sandra Schuetzova. In the junior races the victory went to two Sweden’s athletes, Johan Ekberg and Moa Hansson.
The 50 km popular long distance race and the 20 km popular short race had a great success too; Simone Varesco and Paola Beri won the 50 km race, while Fabian Kramer and Magdalena Kobieluse won the 20 km short race.
The overall victory of the World Classic Tour went to Astrid Oyre Slind ahead of Kari Gjeitnes (who won the sprint prize), and to Anders Mølmen Høst despite the good race of Gjerdalen today.
As far as the Mini Tour Rollerski Trentino is concerned, the king and queen are the same who won today's race, Evgenj Dementiev and Alena Prochazkova. Alena Prochazkova is also the first in the rollerski World Cup, while the consolation prize for Robin Norum is prestigious; he is the winner of the 2018 World Cup: "Great team work in the first part, we kept Pepene under control but Dementiev was too strong". The best juniors of the season were Moa Hansson and Johan Ekberg, with Sweden scoring the most points in the nations ranking.
France’s Bastien Poirrier surprised everyone today in the long distance race, keeping the lead for long sections of the race before being overtaken in the final. But in the last kilometres there was Chris Andre Jespersen ahead of Gjerdalen; Jespersen stumbled clamorously in the middle of the race but was able to win the sprint for the fourth final place ahead of Morten Eide Pedersen. The comeback of the multiple winner of Marcialonga of Fiemme and Fassa was incredible. He won with an impeccable tactic in Fiemme: "You think you have great strength but the "hill" kills you, great race", said Gjerdalen. Astrid Oyre Slind was no different, also because just behind her came a "smiling" Justyna Kowalczyk, who fled away angry for missing the victory. Slind was happy: "It's always nice to win, the first part was easy, then at the beginning of the uphill Justyna started strong and we pushed hard with the double poling". After four victories in Tour de Ski, (this time) Justyna Kowalczyk takes it positively: "Queen of Cermis? This time no, second, but I'm happy to be back here, time passes but Alpe Cermis is always special to me, too bad for the first part, maybe I would prefer 50 km of uphill! “
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Pursuit Senior Men
1 Dementiev Eugeniy RUS 00:51:52; 2 Norum Robin SWE 00:52:11; 3 Gustafsson Victor SWE 00:53:06; 4 Buskqvist Alfred SWE 00:53:23; 5 Perekhoda Ruslan UKR 00:53:37; 6 Goroshnikov Dmitry RUS 00:53:47; 7 Nordstroem Gustav SWE 00:54:08; 8 Popa Raul ROM 00:54:13; 9 Galassi Michael ITA 00:54:18; 10 Curti Luca ITA 00:54:23
Pursuit Senior Ladies
1 Prochazkova Alena SVK 00:37:49; 2 Angelsiöe Julia SWE 00:37:59; 3 Schuetzova Sandra CZE 00:38:07; 4 Nesterenko Lada UKR 00:39:40; 5 Hvostunkova Svetlana RUS 00:40:04; 6 Auzina Kitija LVA 00:40:18; 7 Lockner Jackline SWE 00:40:35; 8 Bolzan Lisa ITA 00:41:10; 9 Nedyukhina Maryia BLR 00:41:19; 10 Prokhorova Varvara RUS 00:41:42
Pursuit Junior Men
1 Ekberg Johan SWE 00:54:55; 2 Grigoriev Alexander RUS 00:56:41; 3 Masiero Riccardo Lorenzo ITA 00:58:07; 4 Dolhascu Florin ROM 00:58:11; 5 Forika Szabolcs ROM 00:58:38; 6 Vigants Raimo LVA 00:58:42; 7 Buttironi Angelo ITA 00:59:27; 8 Saulitis Niks LVA 01:00:27; 9 Dirtu Lunic Valentin ROM 01:01:17; 10 Rusu Vasile ROM 01:01:27
Pursuit Junior Ladies
1 Hansson Moa SWE 00:39:34; 2 Sordello Elisa ITA 00:43:03; 3 Becchis Chiara ITA 00:43:08; 4 Arnesen Julie Henriette NOR 00:43:16; 5 Mortagna Alba ITA 00:43:28; 6 Mortagna Laura ITA 00:44:31; 7 Andreca Maria Dumitrela ROM 00:45:38; 8 Andreca Ioana Georgiana ROM 00:45:40; 9 Lollobattista Claudia ITA 00:46:16; 10 Zimare Rosa GER 00:48:11
50 Km Elite Men
1 Gjerdalen Tord Asle NOR 02:01:26; 2 Poirrier Bastien FRA 02:01:32; 3 Thele Joar NOR 02:01:35; 4 Jespersen Chris Andre NOR 02:01:41; 5 Pedersen Morten Eide NOR 02:01:48; 6 Moelmen Hoest Anders NOR 02:01:51; 7 Nygaard Andreas NOR 02:02:12; 8 Aukland Anders NOR 02:02:33; 9 Syrstad Torleif NOR 02:02:43; 10 Skaug Mathisen Runar NOR 02:02:53
50 Km Elite Ladies
1 Oyre Slind Astrid NOR 02:14:27; 2 Kowalczyk Justyna POL 02:15:09; 3 Vikhagen Gjeitnes Kari NOR 02:17:49; 4 Grafning Maria SWE 02:17:52; 5 Rogozina Daria RUS 02:33:29; 6 Mueller Franziska GER 02:41:57; 7 Lambert Jennifer FRA 02:58:56

50 Km Popular Men
1 Varesco Simone ITA 02:06:02; 2 Betta Matteo ITA 02:12:35; 3 Gabrielli Roberto ITA 02:13:17; 4 Berlanda Silvano ITA 02:15:12; 5 Lanfranchi Luca ITA 02:15:47; 6 Peensalu Aimer EST 02:15:58; 7 Zampieri Paolo ITA 02:16:40; 8 Berlanda Alessio ITA 02:17:00; 9 Zorzi Gianni ITA 02:17:10; 10 Gelmi Giacomo ITA 02:18:24
50 Km Popular Ladies
1 Beri Paola ITA 02:35:16; 2 Borgeryd Åse SWE 02:40:37; 3 Larsson Liv SWE 03:06:05
20 Km Popular Men
1 Krämer Fabian GER 00:58:33; 2 Corradini Francesco ITA 01:00:29; 3 Sormani Innocente ITA 01:05:44; 4 Komeeb Hoen RUS 01:06:44; 5 Sommavilla Paolo ITA 01:07:41; 6 Niklass Martins LAT 01:10:29; 7 Volonte' Gianluca ITA 01:12:35; 8 Pazzola Mattia ITA 01:13:37; 9 Felgenhauer Mario GER 01:13:45; 10 Bellati Carlo ITA 01:14:46
20 Km Popular Ladies
1 Kobieluse Magdalena POL 01:06:52; 2 Corradini Stefania ITA 01:08:48; 3 Vila Obiols Carola AND 01:12:11; 4 Caminada Chiara ITA 01:12:45; 5 Gentile Marta ITA 01:19:21; 6 Pedretti Silvia ITA 01:26:06; 7 Gianmoena Veronica ITA 01:31:12; 8 Langhelle Tina NOR 01:49:01

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